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Step up your crafting skills and colouring techniques with Masking Paper. This unique paper can be used to create stencils to help you build layered scenes. To create a stencil, stamp a design on the masking paper and cut it out with scissors, dies, or punches (create as many stencils as you need). To create a mask, stamp a design on cardstock and once it’s dry, cover with the Masking Paper. Stamp whatever image you want around the Masking Paper without worrying about the images overlapping one another. Once your scene is complete, remove the Masking Paper to find crisp, clean designs. You can also use the Masking Paper to protect your stamped images as you add colour with Blending Brushes around the image. Or use the paper for colour blocking to create spaces where you intentionally want colour or don’t want colour. Discover new colouring techniques and possibilities with Masking Paper!

* 12 sheets of masking paper
* 5" x 7" (12.7 x 17.8 cm)