Order Shipping Practices

Stampin’ Up! works with established carriers to ensure the best possible delivery conditions. The standard processing time in the European Distribution Centre is two business days after the date the order is closed. Once the order leaves the European Distribution Centre, shipping times may vary and are the carrier’s responsibility.

Shipping and Handling

As of 1 April 2022, the standard flat shipping and handling rate for the United Kingdom will be 7,95 €.

In addition to standard flat rate shipping and handling, two expedited options are available:

  • Standard flat shipping with priority picking is an additional 15,00 €, for a total of 22,95 € (7,95 € + 15,00 €)
  • Expedited flat shipping with priority picking is an additional 25,00 €, for a total of 32,95 € (7,95 € + 25,00 €)

Please remember that expedited shipping is not guaranteed. Expedited orders move up in picking/fulfilment priority (which we have control over internally), but once it leaves Stampin’ Up!’s distribution centre, we have no control over when it arrives to you. Shipping vendors are experiencing significant challenges in the current global supply chain crisis and will continue to for some time.

Order Corrections

While we always strive for accuracy in our orders, mistakes do happen. Stampin’ Up! is prepared to help you correct problems with your orders. To facilitate an order correction, please contact your demonstrator.


When you receive an order, carefully inspect each item to ensure that nothing is missing or damaged. Should a problem arise, please contact your demonstrator.


Damaged Items: If the parcel and/or a product is damaged, please let your demonstrator know. In some cases, either the shipping company may request to inspect the packaging or a Stampin’ Up! representative may need to inspect the damaged item. Your demonstrator will work with you to facilitate these inspections.

Defective Items: If an item is defective, please contact your demonstrator immediately. We strive to provide the best, defect-free product possible. Despite these efforts, you may encounter a product that fails to meet your expectations. In some cases, a Stampin’ Up! representative may need to inspect the item to better understand the type of defect. Your demonstrator will work with you to get the product returned for inspection.