While we strive for accuracy in all publications, we sometimes find mistakes in our printed materials. As errors are discovered, our online store and catalogue PDFs are updated immediately, and this page will be periodically updated. Following is a list of corrections for our current printed catalogues.


Version: DE
Item(s): 159050

With the Vintage-Rosen Suite Collection, the German catalogue lists the item number for the Landhausrosen Stamp Set (159046) instead of the item number for the Landhausrosen Bundle (159050).

Version: EN
Item(s): 147172, 147173, 147174, 147175

For the Colour Collection Classic Stampin’ Ink Refill Bundles, the English catalogue lists the GBP price incorrectly at ₤37.75 each. The correct price is ₤33.75 each. The price in EUR is correct.

Version: ALL
Item(s): 118488, 118490

Two clear blocks in the diagram are marked incorrectly. The block marked H in the diagram is actually Block I. The block marked I in the diagram is actually block H. The dimensions listed below the diagram are correctly marked.

Version: ALL
Item(s): 158885

The catalogue states the measurement of the punched image is 3/4" x 1/4" (1.9 x 0.6 cm). This is incorrect. The correct measurement is 3/4" x 1/2" (1.9 x 1.3 cm).

Version: DE
Item(s): 153608

The item number and price are missing in the catalogue’s description of the Banners Pick A Punch (Stanze nach Wahl Fähnchen). Item number: 153608; Price: 30,00 € | ₤23.00

Version: ALL
Item(s): 151770

The catalogue states the measurement of the largest die is 3-5/16" x 3-5/16" (8.4 x 8.4 cm). This is incorrect. The correct measurement is 3-1/16" x 3-1/16" (7.8 x 7.8 cm).

Version: ALL
Item(s): 159161

The catalogue states the quantities of Design a Daydream 12" x 12" (30.5 x 30.5 cm) Host Designer Series Paper as 12 sheets: 2 each of 6 double-sided designs. This is incorrect. The correct quantities are 48 sheets: 4 each of 12 double sided designs.

Version: DE
Item(s): 157993

The Stamp Index incorrectly states that the Entspannte Momente stamp set can be found on page 73. The Entspannte Momente stamp set can actually be found on page 112.

Version: ALL

Shipping rates have changed. This is the new shipping information: Prices are subject to change. Please ask your Stampin’ Up! demonstrator for more information. All prices are the manufacturer’s suggested retail prices and include local standard VAT (except catalogues in the UK which are zero VAT rated). Shipping and handling is an additional flat charge. Current shipping and handling rates can be found on the Stampin' Up! website at


Version: ALL

The catalogue lists the measurement for each roll in the Three Twine Combo Pack as 5 yards (4.6 m) each. This is incorrect. The correct measurement is 10 yards (9.1 m) each.

Version: DE

This product is shown in the catalogue with its old name. The correct product name is Glutrotes und Jute-Geschenkband im Kombipack. The article number is correct.


We occasionally find mistakes in the packaging that comes with our products, such as kit instructions. The list below will be updated whenever we find an error.

Product Name: Envelope Treat Boxes

The packaging lists the quantity as 20. This is incorrect. There are 20 gold foil stickers and 10 white stampable boxes.

Product Name: Festive Pearls

The colours listed on the packaging are incorrect. The correct colours are Cherry Cobbler, gold, silver, and Soft Succulent.